Portrait of Tibor Deme


Born in Budapest during the Communist Regime, Tibor’s first painting depicted the deportation of Jews to the concentration camps. After immigrating to Israel in April of 1989, with the first transport of children to enter the country after formal diplomatic relations were established between Israel and Hungary, his paintings took on a more abstract form.

The wide swaths and limitless movement of color in oil on canvas were evocative of freedom and harmony. With a passion for color composition but increasing pressure from his pregnant wife to quit staining the walls and carpets with paint, Tibor turned to photography. His desire to capture her pregnancy led to the purchase of Tibor’s first Nikon.

Those film images, taken before the age of digital photography, were hand developed in a darkroom using tanks, timers, thermometers, negatives, metal cans, film squeegees, scissors, safelights, rubber gloves, and chemicals. These days, after graduating with a degree in Commercial Photography from the College of the Canyons, Tibor is much happier to fiddle with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom without getting his hands too dirty.

Today, Tibor works with Showtime, Beachbody, AMC, AIPAC, The Emmy AwardsTM, The American Technion Society, and others, but is happiest when capturing the moments in our lives we want etched in our memories for all time. He is a passionate documentarian of life, a firm believer in true love, and a hopeless romantic. Tibor lives with his loving wife and two sons in Sherman Oaks, California.